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Welcome to MSIS Lab 

AI SoC Research Center
(2022 ~ 2029)

MSIS Lab has recently received a new research fund (RLRC) from Korean government NRF to open an AI SoC Research center in CBNU. This research center is focused on developing the next generation deep learning technology in both software and hardware starting from June 2022 until 2029.
It consists of 3 research groups:  

  • Developing Multi-Chip Tile Structured AI Accelerator System on Chip (SoC)
    that an evolve

  • New paradigm of AI architectures that transform along with the ever-increasing demand of computation and memory, and mapped to the Multi-Chip SoC

  • New AI applications (2D/3D recognition for autonomous driving and smart factory) that can prove the effectiveness of the AI SoC evolving for the future AI.       

To achieve this research goals, AI SoC Research Center (AISRC) are recruiting talented Post doctoral researchers, Ph.D and master students.  

For more details, please refer to [Introduction to AI SoC Research Center].
(English version of this document will be available soon)

MSIS Lab Research Area



In order to realize autonomous vehicles, V2X (Vehicle-to-Anything) Communication and AI based sensor fusion and image recognition technologies are increasingly demanded. To adopt these technologies onto vehicles, embedded neural network and deep learning technologies are crucial. Moreover, analog/digital integrated design and/or also hardware/software co-design are pivotal in producing smaller, low power and high-performance solutions for modern IT applications (such as smart phones, multimedia devices, autonomous vehicles, and IoT).

MSIS Lab is leading the mixed signal and integrated system design technologies and nurturing brilliant talents for future technologies.


MSIS Lab is led by Professor HyungWon Kim and is pursuing research in a wide range of fields covering Interconnected Autonomous-Driving Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence, Analog/Digital Integrated SoCs and Wireless Sensor Networks.

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