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2022 Fall: Artificial Intelligence System-1

Lecture Notes

Lecture0: Course Introduction [PDF]

Lecture1: Introduction To Artificial Intelligence System [PDF]

Lecture2: Basic Image Classification [PDF]

Lecture3: Backpropagation of Loss [PDF]

Lecture4: Convolutional Neural Network [PDF]

Lecture5: Neural Network FrameWork [PDF]

Lecture6: Training [PDF]

Lecture7: CNN Architectures [PDF]

Lecture8: Recurrent Neural Networks [PDF]

Lecture9: Attention and Transformer [PDF]

Lecture10: Detection and Segmentation [PDF]

Lecture11: Fast Detection CNNs [PDF]

HomeWork: CNN Coding Using Python [PDF]

Nov. 28: Project Proposal Presentation

Dec. 05: Final Exam

Dec. 12: Final Project Presentation Session1

Dec. 19: Final Project Presentation Session2

Exam Score Posting [PDF]

Final Score Posting [PDF]

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