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2022 Spring: Low Power Circuit Design
                       (For AI Processors)

Lecture Notes

  • Lecture0 is provided in PPT with lecture recording, since it is lecture overview. 

  • Starting from Lecture 1, the lectures will be face-to-face in the lecture room.

  • For the students attending from overseas, the lectures will be also on zoom.

Lecture0: Course Introduction [PPT(Lecture recording)] [PDF]

Lecture1: Introduction To Lower Power SoC Design [PDF]

Lecture2: Neural Network Structures [PDF]

Lecture3: CNN Architecture and Hardware [PDF]

Lecture4: Memory Architectures [PDF]

Lecture5: CNN Accelerator Architectures [PDF]

Lecture6: Bus Architectures for Accelerators [PDF]

Lecture7: Microcontroller and CPU - Part1 [PDF]

Lecture8: Microcontroller and CPU - Part2 [PDF]

Lecture9: Interrupts for SoC [PDF]

Lecture10: Interfaces for SoC [PDF]

Lecture11: Basics of Verilog [PDF]

Lecture12: Verilog Simulation and Tools [PDF]

Final Exam (May 30th): Lecture 1 ~ 10, Open-Report (You can bring in your own summary reports)
    How to prepare: Only contents discussed by Prof, Performance Calculation,
    Pros & Cons and Operations of various architectures. Don't need to memorize company names. 

Check your final scores of exam, reports, and project: [PDF] (Password is sent by email)

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