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2023 Fall: Artificial Intelligence System-II

Lecture Notes

Lecture0: Course Introduction [PDF]

Lecture1: Image Representation and Filtering [PDF]

Lecture2: Edge Detection [PDF]

HomeWork1: Hough Transform Example [Code]

Lecture3: Morphology [PDF]

Lecture4: Feature Matching [PDF]

Lecture5: Neural Networks [PDF]

Lecture6: CNNs for Classification [PDF]

Lecture7: Backpropagation [PDF]

Lecture8: Training CNN Models [PDF]

Lecture9: Segmentation and Detection [PDF]

Lecture10: Fast Detection CNNs [PDF]

Tutorial1-Brief History of YOLO (Shoaib Sajid) [PDF]

HomeWork2: YOLOv2-TIny: Level1 - Inference [PDF], Level2 - Training [PDF]

Lecture11: Recurrent Neural Networks [PDF]

Lecture12: Transformer Networks [PDF]

Tutorial2-Vision Transformer (Odilbek Urmonov) [PPT]

Final Exam: Dec. 5th 7pm~9pm
      (Open Note: You can only bring your own summary report to the exam)

Term Project Propose: Submit PPT slides of 2~3 page to eCampus by Dec. 8.

Term Project Presentation: Dec. 12th 7pm~9pm (Prepare slides for 4 minutes)

Posting Final Scores (Exam, Term Project, HomeWork, attendance) [PDF]
(PDF password is sent by email)

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