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SoC Architecture and Design  
          (SoC 구조 및 설계)

Lecture Notes

  • The lecture notes for each lecture will be available 1 hour before the lecture on Monday 7pm

  • Lecture0: Course Introduction [PDF]

  • Lecture1: Introduction To System-on-chip (SoC)​ [PDF]

  • Lecture2: Bus Architectures for SoC Design​ [PDF]

  • Lecture3: SRAM/DRAM Memory Architectures​ [PDF]

  • Tutorial1: AXI Master and DRAM Controller Simulation including Homework [PDF]

  • Lecture4: Microcontroller and CPU - Part1 [PDF]

  • Tutorial2: RISC-V CPU IP and AXI Simulation including Homework
    [][Example mem file][RISC-V Vivado2018]

  • Lecture5: Microcontroller and CPU - Part2 [PDF]

  • Lecture6: Deep Neural Networks [PDF]

  • Lecture7: DNN Hardware Architecture [PDF]

  • Lecture8: SIMD Architecture [PDF]

  • Lecture9: Interfaces for SoC [PDF]

  • Check your final scores of exam, reports, and project: [PDF] (Password is sent by email)

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