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Intelligent Image Recognition (지능형영상인식)

최종 수정일: 2019년 4월 10일

  1. Lecture0: Course Introduction

  2. Lecture1: Introduction to Image Recognition

  3. Lecture2: Classification

  4. Lecture2-1: Tensorflow Basics

  5. For Installing Python, Tensorflow, Keras, Refer to "Additional Lecture Notes" under Main Menu "Lectures"

  6. Lecture3: Loss Functions

  7. Lecture4: Backpropagation

  8. Lecture5: Convolutional Network

  9. Lecture6: CNN Training

  10. Lecture7: Neural Net FrameWork

  11. Lecture8: CNN Architecture

  12. Lecture9: Detection and Segmentation [Download]

  13. Lecture10: Fast Detection [Download]

11/20 중간 성적평가 고지 [Download]

  1. Lecture11: YOLO [Download] (By Dasol Han) YOLO lab (Home Work) [Download] (By Dasol Han)

  2. Lecture12: Accelerating Deep Learning [Download]

Final Evaluation Results [Download]

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